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Operational Excellence

Operations excellence is not the blind pursuit of improving efficiency in every activity. It requires clarity of objectives, effective risk management, a sound balance between efficiency and effectiveness and continuous responsiveness to change. Commitment, hard analysis and decisiveness to identify the critical processes, activities, and relationships that matter, need improving or sustaining helps improve the business’s product / service competitiveness.

Focussed effort is required to identify options for change and to plan and execute the required transformation. This is a continuous pursuit of driving out activities which do not add value whilst investing in people, resources, and stakeholder relationships that enable you to grow and change as required.

Awaken helps operations analyse, challenge and ultimately improve their contribution to drive transformation. Awaken can deliver;

  • strategic and operational knowledge from the Board room to the Shop Floor;
  • productivity within established and planned new operations
  • customer recognition of service
  • team dynamics and engagement
  • performance and risk reduction

Excellence can ultimately be measured in many ways ? bottom line impact is the most common but it can also be delivered through reduced incidents ? health and safety, business control, process interrupt; these are all areas of excellence Awaken works within and delivers.