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Parkinson’s UK

Using their sponsorship of 2 of Scotland’s best mens curling teams Awaken help to raise awareness for the charity Parkinson’s UK. Through sponsorship of an annual charity curling event in Aberdeen, Scotland, Awaken hope to support Parkinson’s in their desire to raise awareness of this condition throughout Scotland. The third event in this series will take place on Wednesday 23rd March 2016 at Curl Aberdeen. Here Awaken will join forces with their 2 sponsored curling teams and teams drawn from the local oil and gas community for an afternoon of sport and light hearted competition.

“This is the third time we have returned to Aberdeen to help raise awareness for the work of Parkinson’s UK in Scotland. We invite a number of our Clients and local contributors to the Parkinson’s charity to an afternoon of curling with medal winning curlers on the ice at Aberdeen. A great time is had by all, even if the curling is not always up to medal standards”

Awaken Managing Director, Philip Holman



Team Murdoch

Awaken Consulting are delighted to continue supporting one of the top curling teams on the World Curling Tour ? David Murdoch?s Team Murdoch. Under the direction of David the team recently earned Silver at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, representing Team GB. Based in Stirling, Scotland you can follow the team on Twitter here.

“We are delighted to continue our close association with this world class team and thank them for continuing to help us promote Parkinson?s UK with our annual Curling event in Aberdeen. At this event we use our relationships with the oil and gas sector in Aberdeen to raise awareness for Parkinson’s UK and the good work it does for those dealing with this condition”

– Awaken Managing Director, Philip Holman



Team Brewster

Tom Brewster was the ?fifth man? supporting Team GB at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2014.? Since that event Tom, based in Aberdeen, Scotland, has formed a new team ? Team Brewster, to try build towards representing Team GB yet again in 2018. Awaken Consulting are delighted to extend our support to the team and look forward to their growing success over the forthcoming years.? You can follow the team on Twitter here.

“Tom works very hard with us to deliver a successful charity event in Aberdeen every year for Parkinson’s UK at our venue at Curl Aberdeen. ?When he decided to form his own team post Sochi, it was an easy decision to continue helping where we could”

– Awaken Managing Director, Philip Holman



Sponsoring Local Sports?

In 2014 Awaken sponsored the bi-annual rugby and netball tour to the Republic of South Africa for Ludlow School. A lucky 45 children spent 2 weeks along the Cape coast playing rugby and netball against 4 local schools.

Here the teams are shown preparing for their matches and enjoying time out with the opposition.? A special event was the opportunity for the team captains to speak to the township community to ?thank them for their hospitality just outside Plettenberg Bay, Cape Province