Team GB Curling 2014 Silver Medallists

Team GB (Team Awaken) - Sochi 2014 Olympic Silver Medallists

February 2014

In February 2014, Team Awaken, the UK men’s curling team, reached the final of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Team GB consisting of skip David Murdoch, Greg Drummond, Scott Andrews and Michael Goodfellow delighted everyone in UK with their amazing last minute success in the semi finals. Awaken have sponsored this team for the past year and look forward to a long and successful relationship with the very best in the world of curling. To read more about team GB please go to the Team GB Official Website.

South African New Country Entry

Leadership Team in South Africa

January 2014

Early in 2014 Awaken, as part of the leadership team for a new country entry in to South America, began working with the client organisation to scope and manage all the non technical risk associated with deep water exploration in a harsh and unforgiving operational environment. This work, now in its early days will continue in to 2016.

Curling Fun Competition for Energy Firms

Awaken Consulting organise curling competition

January 2014

In January Awaken sponsored a curling competition with ‘Team Awaken’, the soon to be ‘Team GB’ for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Representatives from Stena Drilling. Itheca Energy and Shell UK came together for an afternoons fun on the Curl Aberdeen rink. The event was supported by Awaken as part of their efforts to help raise the profile of Parkinsons UK in Scotland. Local curlers from Parkinsons UK turned up to enjoy the fun and the local charity team set up an information stall in Curl Aberdeen’s Foyer to raise everyone’s awareness of their important and valuable work. If you want to know more about Parkinsons UK please follow this link. The day ended with the ‘best of the rest’ taking on Team GB in a do or die final end….and the Best of the Rest won! Awaken would like to thank Team GB for attending the day and giving their time to support this charitable effort.

Concawe oil companies' European association

Awaken Consulting sign a 5 Year Contract with Concawe

January 2014

In January 2014 Awaken signed a 5 year contract to deliver the Annual European Refining Industry Summary of Safety Performance on behalf of Concawe. Awaken, a preferred supplier to Concawe, attend the annual Safety Management Group in Brussels and looks forward to delivering this Industry leading report for the next 5 years. For more on Concawe, please visit

Danish National Oil Company

Awaken complete geophysical review for the Danish National Oil Company

December 2013

At the end of 2013 Awaken completed a review of geophysical contractor management process for the Danish National Oil Company. Following a tragic incident in the North Sea Awaken were invited in to review all aspects of contractor management with a view to advising the Client on ways forward to improve contractor management and safety performance in the future. The final report out to the Client took place early 2014.

Engineering asset integrity and staff operational training

Awaken Consulting Engineers develop operational training for a global super major

November 2013

In 2013 Awaken Engineers, working for a global super major, developed and delivered a series of asset integrity and front line staff operational training packages for the supply and distribution function. These packages were designed to help new employees, fresh in to the industry, rapidly get up to speed in a wide range of operational skills necessary for the safe and efficient running of hydrocarbon facilities. As part of the package Awaken delivered ‘train the trainer’ sessions so that the Client company could cascade the learning quickly in to their organisation.

Provide Engineering Health & Safety Support

Awaken Provide Engineering and Health & Safety support

October 2013

Working with an integrated team of specialists, Awaken provided Engineering and Health & Safety support to a UK Company looking to buy in to a large number of North European Supply & Distribution Assets. Two specialists were mobilised to inspect assets and comment on the effectiveness of operational control. Awaken, working with other financial and environmental specialists quickly mobilised to deliver reports on assets spread over 3 countries.

50th anniversary of Concawe Speech

Awaken Consulting deliver key note speech at 50th anniversary of Concawe

February 2013

In February 2013 Awaken were invited to attend the 50th anniversary of Concawe, the voice of the European Refinery Industry . Awaken delivered a key note speech to the 2 day event on ‘safety through the ages’ – a review of 50 years of safety performance improvement in the refining industry. To read more about the event please visit the Concawe website

Specialist Auditors for Health and Safety

Awaken Provide health and safety and operational review to 17 locations around the world

January 2013

In 2013 Awaken mobilised specialists auditors to 17 locations around the world requiring health and safety and operational review. Using Client and Industry best practice Awaken auditors provided reports on the acceptability of third party assets for product transfer.

Rig - Establishing Start Up Controls

Establishing Start Up Controls

January 2012

Working with Client staff in both the European and American Head Offices, Awaken is establishing and implementing start up controls across deep water drilling and exploration survey operations as well as supporting the establishment of a new field office location for a global major.

Incident Investigation Carribean

Incident Investigation - Caribbean

January 2012

Awaken recently mobilised at extremely short notice to execute a serious incident investigation in The Caribbean. Awaken conducted root cause analysis and remedial action plans for a serious road traffic accident. These were immediately adopted by the Client organisation.

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Awaken Supply Experts For Global Competence Assignment

December 2011

Awaken have supplied two experts to support a global competence assignment assessment scheme for a global oil major. This involved establishing an assessment scheme for the consistent evaluation of the competence of Leaders in world-wide operational roles. Currently Awaken provides the resources to execute and report back on these assessments.

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Project Management For Oil Major

November 2009

Awaken project managed the update of the global health, safety, environment, security and social performance competence framework for in excess of 3,500 staff within one of the worlds largest Oil Majors.  The final framework was benchmarked against international competence standards and supported by comprehensive implementation and end-user documentation.

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Bowtie Update - Largest UK P&I Club.

November 2009

Working with the largest UK P&I Club, Awaken updated and revised the major accident hazard bowties using BowTie XP® software.  The bowtie scenarios covered those high value occurrences and claims most frequently encountered in the global shipping industry.  The output will be used by the P&I Club representatives in their assessment of ship board practices and with the ship owners to raise awareness and levels of control.